On Friday, December 27, 2013, Colfax Theater owner, Gary Tomsic, passed away in his apartment in Colfax. He had been working for the past year on renovating the Colfax Theater in preparation for a grand opening. Gary spent 30 years working as a cameraman for KCRA, channel 3, in Sacramento. He worked with many local television greats, including Bob Wilkins, Harry Martin and Geoff Wong. Below are highlights, from imdb.com, of Gary’s career:

Gary Tomsic began making films while in high school in Sacramento California. Some of his films ran on local NBC television station, KCRA-TV. While attending junior college, Mr. Tomsic was hired by KCRA-TV in the spring of 1968. By the time he was 21, he was the stations commercial cinematographer responsible for all non-news film production. Mr. Tomsic left the station in 1975 to take a position with the Vinnell Corporation and was stationed in Saudi Arabia. He returned to the United States in 1977 and immediately began taking assignment shooting film projects. That eventually lead to creating a production company that produced a wide variety of projects from movies to public service campaigns for the State of California. In 2003 he completed shooting a TV series scheduled for fall 2003 release on The Learning Channel (TLC) called Spymaster. In 2008 he worked for Indigo Films on a project called "42 Ways to Kill Hitler" where he shot high speed film with three separate cameras. This show aired on Thanksgiving weekend 2008 on the National Geographic Channel.

Details about the future of the Colfax Theater will be posted here soon.